Saturday, November 12, 2011

A bit of an experiment - gone bad?? Hmmmm

Yesterday, I went to the doctor and found out that I have strep throat and a double ear infection ... so, of course - I came home and decided to try a new manicure.

I decided to use these three polishes:

They are:  Orly - Rage, Hard Candy - Beetle and Essie - School of Hard Rocks

I first used the Essie polish (one coat), and then two coats of the Hard Candy Polish.  When all was good and dry, I used the Orly - Rage to put a 'tip' on. 

I think that I like it okay.  The biggest 'problem' that I had was fully covering the Essie polish with Hard Candy (this is probably something that no one else struggles with - but, for some reason, I really struggled yesterday - I'll blame the strep throat ... lol).

I definitely think that the color combinations turned our really well.  The Hard Candy polish looks awesome over the Essie.  Both of my girls loved it too.

I'm not sure - is this an experiment gone good or an experiment gone bad?  hmmmm

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