Saturday, November 12, 2011

NOTD: Very, Very Girly!!

Because I wasn't necessarily 'thrilled' with my manicure from yesterday, I decided to re-do it today.  My husband thinks that I'm crazy - he doesn't understand changing you polish that often ... lol

Anyway - I decided to go very girly today.  I used 2 polishes. 

I, again, used Orly Rage... and, I paired it with Pure Ice Spit Fire.  I love the two together!!!

The combination of these two remind me of a pair of heels that I owned a million years ago.  Much like these pictured:

Only, SADLY, not Louboutin's... I wish I had those shoes back... Or, better yet - the ones in the picture above!!

While, normally, I might not do too much glitter - I really, really, really - love this combination!!!

I hope everyone has a girly, pink, glittery day!!! :)

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