Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My first post...

So, for a while, I've been scouring the web - looking at all the WONDERFUL nail blogs.  And, while I am not nearly as talented as the ladies that author these blogs, I thought that I'd like to start a blog where I can share some of the nail designs that I do for myself and my 2 daughters.

I use to be a faithful 'salon girl' and always had someone else do my nails - but, with two daughters getting to the age of wanting that same pampering, let's be honest - I needed to learn to do it myself.  Who can afford salon trips for 3 ladies???  Well, I guess some people can - but, I'm not one of those people! ;)

I've had acrylic nails, gel nails, solar nails - any kind of nail that a nail salon can have on their 'list of prices' in their shops.  And, no matter what - no matter how good it turned out - I always left feeling like some little something wasn't quite right... (that's the perfectionist, type-A personality coming out, I guess).  And, for some bizarre reason, I never felt like I could say too much about it ... Like it would be terribly offensive for me to tell someone that I wasn't 100% pleased with their work....  That's another reason that I decided to start doing my own nails.... I don't mind telling myself that what I did sucked... lol

This blog will show nail art and swatches on natural nails and gel nails... I still like to do nail extensions sometimes... but, I do enjoy my natural nails as well.  I'm not a great artist, but I do like to take the easy route of doing Konad stamping ... and, some 'simple' nail art.

For my first post - I think that I will share the manicure that I had yesterday.

I started with Ulta - Army of One ... I lovelovelove this polish.  It goes on smoothly and can easily be a one-coater.  One caution - DON'T FORGET YOUR BASE COAT - this one will stain terribly.

While I loved the army green, I wanted something that was just a little 'more special'... I decided to layer it with a top coat of OPI's Teenage Dream (from the Katy Perry collection).  I loved the effect!!

There it is - my first post!!  And, since I changed my mani today - I may just do two posts today!

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